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Slab Dwellers

The squatter’s paradise known, as Slab City is located on a barren stretch of Southern California’s Sonoran Desert badlands situated between the Salton Sea and Chocolate Mountain, an active military bombing range. The slabs are the last remnants of a World War II training base and provide the foundation for this unlikely, eccentric community of various outsiders – drifters, “snowbirds”, artists, addicts, and others – a community that accommodates extremes and tolerates a kind of freedom that expands the margins of society.



Taking “less-picturesque” portions of the river as his subject, Carofano’s carefully framed images reveal the not-so-hidden majesty of the concrete, the smooth lines of the river’s channel and its functionality. Sophisticated geometry, atmospheric light and color, and rightness of scale lend these images a painterly quality that requires close observation to determine that they are indeed photographs. Conditions considered appalling appear alluring, serene – each image paying homage to the intersection between nature and the designed environment.